Jamboree Unit Roles

Jamboree Scout Leader (JSL)

  • Leader in charge for all matters relating to the Unit, both youth members and adults, in wellbeing and discipline.
  • Contact and where possible meet with other Line Leaders prior to the Jamboree.
  • Discuss AJSL (Line Leader) roles with Line Leaders and allocate duties and responsibilities accordingly.
  • In consultation with other Line Leaders within the Unit
    • Formation of Patrols
    • Jamboree Unit Council
    • Supervision of appointment / election of Jamboree Patrol Leaders (JPL)
    • Supervision of appointment / election of Assistant Jamboree Patrol Leaders (AJPL)
  • Travel to and from Jamboree with your Unit by the travel arrangements put in place by the Jamboree.
  • The Jamboree Unit Council is to select one of their JPL's as Jamboree Unit Leader (JUL).
  • Contacting Unit members and their families as necessary prior to the Jamboree.
  • Coordinating and delegating other duties as needed.
  • Duties as required by the Jamboree Contingent Leader or their delegate.
  • Making yourself aware of any disabilities, additional needs, or dietary requirements of any Scout and, in consultation with your AJSL Health & Wellbeing, how to support these.
  • Conduction regular Unit Councils throughout the Jamboree, ideally at the conclusion of every day where practical.
  • Maintain the unit security box.

AJSL - Quartermaster

Full details of catering arrangements will be confirmed prior to the Jamboree

  • Reports to the Jamboree Scout Leader (JSL)
  • In consultation with the JSL, coordinate all Unit gear and equipment needed for the Jamboree and make arrangements as necessary for the transport of the equipment within the guidelines given.
  • Provision of, return, and security of all gear and equipment prior to, during, and after the Jamboree.
  • Coordinating the collection of supplies from the Campground 'Corner Store'.
  • Supervising erection of the Unit kitchen and store, and their day to day operation.
  • Monitoring stores to ensure correct storage, timely collection, and return or disposal of excess food.
  • Ensuring the unit site and adjacent area is kept in a clean and tidy condition and left so on departure, including removal of any 'disposable assets'. Jamboree waste management does not cater to Units leaving behind unwanted camping or other equipment, even if damaged during the Jamboree. Please plan to take home everything that your unit brings to Jamboree.
  • Draw up rosters to allow pre-planning for mealtimes, activities, free days, and camp duties etc for all Unit members, including Leaders.
  • Manage the Duty Patrol system

Duty Patrol

It is essential that the Duty Patrol system works properly - firstly to give the Scouts the responsibility and experience of preparation of meals in these conditions and secondly to ensure that the Leaders don't overdo it.

The day before a Patrol is the Duty Patrol, the QM should brief them on what is expected. For example:

  • A routine is necessary to advise the QM or early breakfasts, visitors, etc. to allow the Duty Patrol, to plan their day
  • Rise at 6:30am, quick wash etc and prepare breakfast for serving at the agreed time
  • Wash and clean the kitchen and eating table area, cooking utensils and appliances to maintain good hygiene
  • Duty patrol must not leave the unit site without the QM Duty Leader's permission as it can cause organisational difficulties. Other leaders should help to ensure this rule is adhered to
  • Pick up supplies from the Campground 'Corner-Store' at nominated times
  • Early afternoon showers assist so that the Duty Patrol can go to evening activities after the evening meal clean-up
  • The QM should be conscious of the Duty Patrol's workload

Waste Management

There will be four waste management streams:

  • General Waste - items that can't be recycled
  • Container Deposit Containers - items eligible for the QLD Container Deposit Scheme including Cans and Bottles
  • Co-Mingled Recyling - items that can be recycled, including glass, milk containers, and food containers
  • Cardboard / Paper
  • Organics - food / organic waste that will be placed in compostable bags which will be provided

Facilities for the handling of waste will be available to each Unit. The unit is responsible for maintaining their waste collection in accordance with directions provided by the Jamboree.

State Scout Council Camping Standards

Jamboree is a Scout Camp, and units are expected to follow the Victorian State Scout Council Camping Standards.

AJSL - Program

Full details of program and activity arrangements will be confirmed prior to the Jamboree.

  • Reports to the JSL
  • Promotion and implementation of Jamboree program in the Unit
  • Ensuring that all members participate and record and Participates, Assists, Leads, and OAS progressions achieved during Jamboree are recorded
  • Liaising with Program (activity) staff, as necessary
  • Ensuring Patrol members are correctly uniformed / equipped and attend activities on time
  • Arranging appropriate daily activities within the Unit
  • Coordinating leader participation in the youth program as and where necessary
  • Promoting and where necessary arranging leader activities
  • Assist with the design and supervision of the erection of the Unit gateway

Duty Patrol

Patrols rostered on Duty Patrol will need to manage their time between duty tasks and their scheduled on-site activities.

Patrol and Unit Activities

Patrol and Unit activities are a most important means of promoting Unit spirit and camaraderie, and can be done in spare time, around meal times, parades, and to use up excess energy.

It is advisable to plan ahead and have some activities on hand e.g. volleyball, cricket, card games.

Swimming and Water Activities

During the Jamboree, Scouts will have the opportunity to swim at a number of activity sites. Jamboree Scout Leaders are asked to make certain that all members of the Jamboree Unit and their parents are aware of Policy and Rules, R12.10 and R12.11. It is also recommended that both Scouts and Leaders wear a T-shirt at all times when swimming to help protect them from sunburn.

The JSL can access relevant parent information from the Victorian Jamboree Registration system.

AJSL - Health & Wellbeing

Full details of health and wellbeing will be confirmed prior to the Jamboree.

  • Reports to the JSL
  • Health and wellbeing of all Unit members, including Scouts and Leaders
  • Monitoring, and if necessary, supervise and coordinate, washing and any other health and hygiene related aspects of all Unit members - both youth and adult
  • Liaise with Camp-Ground and Unit wellbeing teams in cases where the unit member's sickness / injury is of such a nature that they cannot be cared for in the Unit
  • Maintain the unit first aid kit
  • Recognise personal problems (eg homesickness) and if necessary, arranging support through the JSL, and/or unit welfare team
  • Ensuring all leaders receive adequate time off
  • Be aware of any special needs of any Scouts or Leaders and how to care for them
  • Learn the names of all unit members and quickly as possible. This increases their self-esteem and promotes their relationship with you and the other Leaders. Get to know each member of the unit by talking to each of them individually at pre-jamboree meetings, camps, and especially at the Jamboree
  • Gaining cooperation from both Scouts and Leaders as early as possible. Discipline is important as is a sense of humour
  • Coordinate the creation of a Jamboree unit Code of Conduct that is fair, equitable, and considerate. Make sure every member of the unit knows, understands, and agrees to follow the unit code of conduct.
  • Keep in touch with all Scouts throughout Jamboree. Recognise fatigue, other 'illnesses', signs of homesickness, etc when they happen and know how to deal with them, before you go to the Jamboree
  • Create a happy and fun-seeking environment in the unit - not one that is all work, but do not let this affect your standards
  • Deal with personal problems quickly and quietly. Maintenance and enhancement of self-esteem is critical to both Scouts and Leaders
  • Be the first line of wellbeing delivery in the unit. Support can also be provided to the Jamboree Unit by the Victorian Contingent Health & Wellbeing team and/or Camp-Ground.
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