Applying for a QLD Blue Card

Under Queensland legislation and Scouts Queensland risk management procedures, all participants 18 and over (as at 6th January 2025) must hold a valid Queensland Blue Card.

Applying for a Blue Card as a Victorian Member


1. Apply for a Queensland Government Customer Reference Number (CRN)

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) are used to verify a person's identity so a photo can appear on the blue card.
This can be done by completing the remote pack which is if a person lives interstate or overseas.

The TMR issued customer number is only valid for six months from time of issue and will expire if not used for any purpose.

Complete Remote pack

Post paperwork

You will need to post your form, documents, and photos to:

The Manager
Department of Transport and Main Roads Dalby Customer Service Centre
PO Box 767
Dalby QLD Australia 4405

Watch the blue card services videos to learn more about applying for a CRN using a remote pack for a blue card application if you're from interstate, overseas

What happens next at TMR?

  • This process could take up to 8 weeks.
  • TMR will process your application / photo.
  • Once you have been issued with a CRN, TMR will send you a confirmation email.
  • Once you have received your confirmation email, you can register for a Blue Card account.

2. Update your Victorian Application with your CRN

  1. Log into the Victorian Registration System Here
  2. Once you are in, select the 'Blue Card' tab.
  3. Leave the clearance type as 'Not issued yet'
  4. In the Queensland CRN box enter your CRN number
  5. Click the 'Update Form' button

(Please note that this step can be completed with Step 4 if you wish as the next step is very quick to complete, and the number needed is issued within moments).

3. Register with Blue Card Services to obtain a Blue Card Account Number

Before you apply for your Blue Card, watch the video "Things you need to know before applying for a blue card". Have your CRN nearby to reference. You will need this to register for a Blue Card account.

Register for a Blue Card account through the Blue Card Services website. This is how the Queensland Government will verify your identity and obtain your photo for your Blue Card. You will be issued with a Blue Card account number during this registration process.

4. Update your Jamboree registration record with your Blue Card account number

Once you receive your Blue Card Account Number via email, log back in to the Victorian application system, on the Blue Card tab, enter the Blue Card account number in the box and click update form.

  1. Log into the Victorian Registration System Here
  2. Once you are in, select the 'Blue Card' tab.
  3. Leave the clearance type as 'Not issued yet'
  4. In the Blue Card Account Number box enter your Blue Card Account Number
  5. Click the 'Update Form' button


Victoria will then send your details to the Jamboree who will initiate the process with the Queensland Government to link your Blue Card Account to a card with Scouts.

Please be patient as this process can take 1-2 weeks to go through.

5. Once your Blue Card Account is linked to Scouts QLD

You will receive an email once this occurs.

Log back into the Blue Card Services Applicant Portal and complete your Blue Card application. The Blue Card approval process can take 7 - 21 days approximately from the time the application is completed.

Once your Blue Card is approved you will be advised by email, and your card will be posted to you approximately three weeks after receipt of the email.

6. Once you have your Blue Card Number

Once you have received your Blue Card Number (either by email or via receiving the physical card), please update your application.

  1. Back on your Victorian Application, change the Clearance Type to 'QLD - Blue Card' and enter your details
  2. Click the Update Form button

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