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1930s Cub Wood Badge Training - Gilwell

Scenes of Gilwell Park in the 1930s with the 1932 Cub Training Course in and the 1933 Gilwell Reunion. Filmed by C.T. 'Rainbow' Simpson it represents the antics of early training at Gilwell Park, Victoria.

1928 - First Cub Wood Badge Course - Gilwell

The first Cub Wood Badge Training Course at Gilwell Park, Victoria in the 1920s. Scenes of the Council Rock, the Lochan, Arch Hoadley and Lord Somers, a service in the chapel and fun training activities.

Scouting for Leaders

“Scouting for Leaders” first appears in Audio Visual Library 1992, and was made by The Scout Association of Australia, to showcase the work which goes into preparing resources for leaders and for the training of leaders within the Movement. 

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