Patrol Leader Training - Gilwell - 1935

Training of Patrol Leaders was important to offer good Scouting to Troops. PL's were trained in a range of scouting skills at the main Victorian campsite at Gilwell Park, Gembrook, Victoria.

Taming Your Troop - Scout Games (1991)

Join 7th Kew, 8th Camberwell South, 1st North Balwyn, 1st Hartwell, 1st Lower Plenty and 1st East Doncaster Scout Troops as they show us some of the popular indoor games their Troops played in the 1990s. 

The Patrol System

An entertaining look from 2001 at how Patrols, Troop Council ,and the Scout Section in general were supposed to operate for both Leaders and Scouts. 

Go Bush Scout

A fun instructional film from 1985, aimed at leaders but suitable for anyone planning a camp.  Join Gumbo and other characters from the Go Bush cartoon working out what needs to be prepared to make sure your camp avoids any disasters. 

Leading a Scout Camp

An instructional film from 1986 aimed at Scout Leaders, but suitable for anyone planning a Scout camp.  The film gives hints and tips for a successful patrol-based camp and prompts the viewer to consider how to make their own camp a success. 

Rope, Knots & Hitches

An instructional film circa 1982-3 on rope knowledge required for the Scoutcraft Badge of the 1972-2022 award scheme in the Scout Section – this is what all Scouts were expected to know.  Shows how to whip the end of a rope, tie a reef knot, clove hitch, bowline, sheep shank, sheet bend, round turn and two half-hitches, rolling hitch, and their use in camping.  Also includes some general facts on rope and rope making including video of synthetic rope manufacture. 

1st Armadale Winter Adventure (1950)

Join 1st Armadale Scout Troop from Melbourne, on a walk in snow conditions of the winter 1950. 

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