On the Move

Victoria’s major PR film of the late 1970s as part of a broader marketing campaign:  Shows abseiling, trail-bike riding, canoeing, water-skiing, pistol shooting, rafting, electronics, hang-gliding, archery, welding.  Professional narration, boys and girls’ explaining why they are in Scouts and a really great sound-track. 

Men of Tomorrow (1942)

This 16mm film is part of the Scout Heritage Victoria Collection. Produced for UK Scouts, it shows Boy Scouts' activities during the Second World War, with particular emphasis on their contribution to the war effort.

25 Million Reasons to Belong

Scouting is a growing Movement with activities for Cubs (and now Joeys) through to Rovers.  Step back to the 1990s when Scouting had first reached over 125 countries and 25 million members through this promotional video about Australian Scouting. 

Activities Out and About

A look at the Victorian Branch’s special and outdoor activity teams operating in 1994 to deliver specialised programs for youth, and to support other Scouting activities. 

Victorian Scout Foundation Launch

This edited video was produced to launch the Victorian Scout Foundation, with the initial appeal to raise funds for Victorian Scouting.   Learn about the original aims of the Foundation, and hear from Neil Westaway and David Jones about the importance of the Foundation’s role in Scouting in Victoria.  The video also starts and ends with recollections and film of the Frankston Jamboree, from one of the leaders who attended. 

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