World Scouting

5th Nippon Agoonoree 1987

Join 624 Scouts from special needs Troops of the Boy Scouts of Japan, and 94 brother Scouts from 14 other nations for the 5th Nippon Agoonoree in 1987.  A substantial number of the visitors were from Australia  and Agoonorees were later conducted in a number of Australian states.    

This too is Scouting

A review of how Scouting fits into its community’s needs in different parts of the world from the 1970s.  This film shows Scouting as it has adapted to support community needs and community development in selected countries around the world, also touching on the work of the World Scout Bureau (now WOSM) in supporting Scouting in each country.

NATURE Project - Nepal

A 1990s invitation  to Australian Scouts to join in the cultural and environmental experience of revegetation in Nepal, with the Nepalese Scouts, and insights into what your travel experience through Scouting would have included.  

Scouting & International Co-operation

Take a look at the work by Australian Scouting in the early 1990s in partnership with other National Scouting Organisations, primarily on community development projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

Jubilee Jamboree, Indaba, Moot 1957

The Australian Contingent’s experience at the 1957 combined World Scout Jamboree (for Scouts and Senior Scouts), Indaba (for leaders) and Moot (for Rovers) held in Great Britain at Sutton Coldfield, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Scouting Movement. 

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