Senior Scouts / Venturers

Hoadley Hide 1962 - 'Straight Thru' in '62'

The 1962 Hoadley Hide for Senior Scouts was held at Beech Forest near Colac at Easter 1962. The event used trains from Melbourne to Colac and Senior Scouts then transferred onto the Beech Forest Railway. This was one of the last trains on this line as it closed soon after the event.

Hoadley Hide 1964 - 'Chloe Patra' - a Hollywood Epic

Hoadley Hide is a Senior Scout/Venturer Competiion Hike/Camp held at Easter since 1952.

The 1964 Hoadley Hide Competion Hike/Camp theme was 'Chloe Patra' portrayed stunts and activities during the 'filming' of a Hollywood epic by Cecil B. de Bulle. 700 Senior Scouts took part in the Mt Disappointment State Forest , Victoria. The' Battle of Actium' was staged with flour and water bombs, before weary Seniors travelled home by train.

Hoadley Hide 1965 - Unlock the Land

The 1965 Hoadley Hide Competition Hike/Camp was held in the Labertouche State Forest and attended by 750 Senior Scouts. The theme re-enacted events in Victoria after the gold rush in 1865 when men were agitating to break the Squatter's powerful hold over valuable farming land. After a petition to the Governor, it was declared that the lands would be 'unlocked' to the cheers of selectors.

Venture 2000

Venture 2000 was the Venturer Scout (15-18 year old) equivalent of a Jamboree, and was hosted by Victoria in the year 2000, based at the Eumeralla campsite at Anglesea, Victoria. This short video clip shows glimpses of the various activities which happened during the event.

The Long Walk

“The Long Walk” was made in 1983 by the Box Hill District Venturers. The film documents preparation and the journey as Venturers from Box Hill District  with some Rover Scouts and interstate members combined to walk the full length of Victoria’s Alpine Walking Track from the township of Walhalla to Tom Groggin on the New South Wales side of the Murray River via some of Victoria’s most mountainous, remote and rugged country. 

The Long Walk II

Join 24 Victorian Venturer Scouts and Ranger Guides with their team of supporters three years after 'The Long Walk', as they hike from the Victorian border to Katoomba via Canberra.  600km in 5 weeks in 1985-86, tackling drought, bushfire, snow and challenging themselves.    

Venturers - Don't You Want to Join?

A Venturer Scout promotional video from the 1990s, with an Indiana Jones Twist featuring actual Victorian Venturers.  While Phil spends his weekends dreaming about the wild and amazing things he could be doing, Ben spends his weekend doing wild and amazing things…

Western Adventure (1966)

Join 2nd Bayswater / 9th Knox Senior Scouts for their journey to get to and from the 1st Senior Scout National Venture in Western Australia in 1966.

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