7th World Rover Moot - 1962 - Yarra Brae

A look at the 7th World Rover Moot held at Clifford Park, Victoria in 1961-62 through a film by the Australian Post Office’s Film Unit provides an overview of this key event in Victorian and world Rover Scouting.  Titled 'Community Service', we see Australian and overseas Rovers participate in expeditions, service projects and join Rovers on day trips. See Moot Chief Bill Waters being carried into the closing parade as a mark of respect by Victorian Rover Scouts. 

Bogong Rover Chalet

A promotion film from the 1990s advertising the Victorian Rover Chalet in the Bogong High Plains for winter and summer activities.

Mudbash - 1970s

A look at an early year of the Victorian Rover Scouts’ (young adult members) own motorsport event.  Shows Victorian Rovers on their annual auto-rally in 1976, when action and mud flies during the gruelling event. 

8th World Rover Moot - Gilwell

8th World Rover Moot (1990/1991) was held at Gilwell Park, Victoria.
Victorian Rovers persuading the World Scout Conference to reinstate World Moots which had lapsed.
This video was made for a presentation at the 33rd World Scout Conference in 1993 and shows a variety of activities and events which formed part of the Moot.

Surfmoot (1998)

A promotional video for the Rover Scouts’ summer Surfmoot event, featuring video taken in 1998.  This annual event has been a Rover fixture since the 1930s.   

Rovering’s Greatest Adventure 2007 : Highest Peaks Expedition

In 1928, the first winter ascent of Mount Bogong (Victoria’s highest mountain) was made by Bill Waters and a team of Rover Scouts.  In 2007 as part of the Centenary of the Scout Movement, a group of Rover Scouts made another winter ascent following the same route. 

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