Venturer Resources

Award Scheme Resources

Relax and Adapt - Changes to the Venturer Award Scheme (April 2020)

Virtual Venturing Award Scheme 2020 - CODVID-19 Provisions (April 2020)

Myths, Facts and Tricks of the Venturer Scout Record Book (updated 2020)

Award Scheme Chart

Award Scheme Pathways

Badge Activity Statement

Award Scheme Planning Kit (updated 2020)
Download a copy for all your forms, charts and tips to start on your Venturer Award and Queen's Scout journey.

Venturer Award Scheme Checklist  (updated 2020)
This is a checklist for Venturers preparing their Award Scheme for Unit Council and District/Zone Council. Some good scripts to make it all less stressful.

Service within Scouting Form (updated April 2020 for eLearning)
For Youth Helper in a Joey, Cub, Scout Section/Major Events

Venturer Award Scheme for Dummies a Powerpoint Presentation - (updated 2020)

Guidelines for Expeditions (Venturers and Examiners)

The Expedition Activity Report (how to plan an expedition including a fillable log/report) - updated for 2020

Queen's Scout Award Resources

Queen’s Scout Nomination Form

Queen’s Scout Nomination Notes

Notice of Completion - Queen's Scout Award (Ground Breaker and Our Program Groups only) 

Queen’s Scout Handbook

Queen's Scout Portfolio of Evidence
This document is an example of what is expected for a Queen's Scout Folio to accompany the Record Book when presenting at District/Zone. Too many Venturers produce "War and Peace" and add everything in their folio, which is not necessary.


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