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2020 Program - Virtual Venturing

2020 Venturers Victoria Calendar - all the latest events, activities and courses for your Unit Program and to have fun!

Virtual Unit Program Ideas

- Lots of ideas for Unit Program and Award Scheme to be able to keep the Unit together until we can return to face-to-face Scouting.
- Use these together with Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Skype/Facetime to collaborate and keep in touch with the Unit
- Start planning how you can still focus on Award Scheme activities with online and virtual tools
- Explore some fun collaborative activities at - MineCraft, Factorio, JOTI, Discord

Aly Harris - State Leader - Venturers has prepared an ongoing mega list of fun and instructive ideas for Venturers to keep in touch and for Award Scheme. Click here

Online Cooking Night - Lead send through list of ingredients / each Venturer cooks and shares the process online / eats online! Starts with something simple like damper.

Ideas from Duke Of Edinburgh Award (very similar to Venturer Award Scheme)
- Skills                     Click here
- Physical Recreation Click here
- Voluntary Service    Click here

Email interstate or overseas Venturers and compare isolation stories
JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) - special edition on 3/4 April. Click here
Run a politics-based Q&A program (like the ABC's Q&A). Unit members to do advanced research
Live stream ANZAC ceremony - on 25 April 2020, to be broadcast live by the ABC and streamed online
Run our/your own ANZAC remembrance in your home driveway at 6:00am on Anzac morning 

Travel to Paris, France to see amazing works of art at The Louvre with this virtual field trip - Click here
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra online - Click here


Start planning for your next expedition and get some online training with Scouts Australia Institute of Training
Check out the Adventurous Activities /Outdoor Skills module (don't forget to print out your certificate for your Award Scheme folio) - Click here
First time login? Your Scouts Victoria Membership Number and Date of Birth for your Password
Run a 'pack your pack' challenge - layout contents and video techniques. Competition of lightest with essentials, tidiest etc 

Contact your local churches and clergy (many now have websites) and have a talk (perhaps online) about their religion, its history and practices.
Run on-line Ideals debate in your Unit - whoever is the Lead needs to moderate the online session
Run an Ideals based Q&A program (like the ABC's Q&A) - whoever is the Lead needs to moderate the online session

Mock interviews online -  Ask your Leaders/Unit Chair to setup with local contacts to conduct online face-to-face interviews with employers
Resume writing Click here
Film or livestream information sessions on other vocations requirements

Undertake Astronomy using the Star Walk App
Unit Lego challenge - build and video your construction - online voting within the Unit for the best build

Seek donations and deliver care packages to those in need or locked down - check with local care agencies for logistics

Live stream a Unit discussion and question session on the Scout Environment Charter 



Award Scheme Resources

Big 5 Badge Sewing Template

Myths, Facts and Tricks of the Venturer Scout Record Book

Award Scheme Chart

Award Scheme Pathways

Badge Activity Statement

Award Scheme Planning Kit
Download a copy for all your forms, charts and tips to start on your Venturer Award and Queen's Scout journey.

Award Scheme Standards for Dummies
This is a checklist for Venturers preparing their Award Scheme for Unit Council and District/Zone Council. Some good scripts to make it all less stressful.

Service within Scouting Form (updated Aug 2019 for Kangaree/Agoonoree)
For Youth Helper in a Joey, Cub, Scout Section/Major Events

Try Venturing
To motivate Scouts in experiencing Venturers as part of their linking activities.

Queen's Scout Award Resources

Queen’s Scout Nomination Form

Queen’s Scout Nomination Notes

Queen’s Scout Handbook

Queen's Scout Portfolio of Evidence
This document is an example of what is expected for a Queen's Scout Folio to accompany the Record Book when presenting at District/Zone. Too many Venturers produce "War and Peace" and add everything in their folio, which is not necessary.


Queen's Scout Presentation Toolkit (new)

Lots of ideas for planning and running a Queen's Scout Presentation at your hall - coming soon

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