Enjoy shooting arrows safely at targets using traditional Archery and Stick-it Archery (predominantly aimed at Joeys and Cubs).

Program Support

The Archery Team is available to support Groups, Districts and Regions to incorporate archery into their programs.

Stick-it Archery

Stick-it Archery is available for all Sections; however, it is predominantly aimed at Joeys and Cubs. With magnetic tipped arrows that have Velcro discs that are shot onto a large inflatable Velcro target. Can be used inside or outside.

Target Archery

Is the most common form of traditional archery where archers shoot at a stationery target at varying distances.


The archery team has a range of recurve bows of various sizes and draw weight suitable for all ages.

Special Interest Area (SIAs)

The State Archery Team is qualified, experienced and available to mentor Scouts, either as a new skill or build upon existing skills to set goals, develop whilst learning the art of archery, and complete a final review.

If you would like to make an enquiry for program support, please click here.


Assistant State Leader - Archery
Andrew Cassidy,

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Archery Enquiries

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