Performing Arts

Lord Baden-Powell identified the Performing Arts as an important personal development opportunity for all Scouts.  In Victoria we are fortunate to have seven Scout Shows which members can participate in.

‘Gang Show’ and ‘Showtime’ productions provide hundreds of Scouts with an opportunity to bring out their creative best.

The shows develop confidence, teamwork and self-discipline, and they’re always popular with friends and family.

Whether you’re a performer, set designer or audio-visual expert in the making, the productions can build your talents. 


State Commissioner - Performing Arts,
Doug Wright,

Camberwell Showtime (August)

Melbourne Gang Show (June)

South Metro Showtime  (August)

Strzelecki Showtime (October)

Sunraysia Gang Show (July)

Whitehorse Showtime (August)

Albury Gang Show (June) - has members from New South Wales and Victoria

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