Scout Technical Activity Group Entertainment

Are you more interested in shining the spotlight on others than taking centre stage? Would you prefer tweaking the audio mixer to tickling the ivories?

A successful production is so much more than just the performers who take the final bows.

For theatre shows or other presentations, Scouts can turn to their own talented people behind the scenes to make the event work – and we have a vast network of industry contacts and resources.

The Scout Technical Activity Group Entertainment (S.T.A.G.E) is run by industry professionals, who are also current Leaders, to manage the technical side of entertainment at Scout events.

We’ll help with theatrical, audio visual and other requirements at Scout events. We can tap into the range of resources available through the Scout Shows, and we can provide training in many aspects of the entertainment industry.

Contact us if your Scout event needs crew or equipment, or if you need to be put in touch with an industry expert. 



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