Patrol Activity Camps

Scouts get to do the coolest things in the coolest places. And they even get to receive awards for their efforts!

We have some regular camping programs that make it achievable for many of our members. Scouts spend the weekend away working in Project Patrols on a range of activities – everything from cooking to welding.

PROJECT Patrol Activity Camping

Scouts can attend a Project Patrol Activity weekend at campsites like Gilwell Park, Clifford Park or Treetops.

At Gilwell Park, Scouts only need to come with their food, personal items and their completed health form. All the camping equipment is provided.

Activities at Gilwell might include, abseiling and bushcraft, welding, environment, orienteering or communications.

Clifford Park and Treetops require each Patrol to bring all their own camping equipment, food, personal equipment and completed health forms.

Gilwell Park 

Patrol Camping Gilwell Park offers nine fun activity camps, they include:

  • Abseiling – activities include abseiling, hay box cooking and mapping
  • Two Tradesman Camps – metal shaping, welding, using a forge, and electronics
  • Two Environment Camps – The April camp has activities supporting the World Scout Environment Badge and the November Camp has activities supporting the Pioneer and Explorer Environment Target Badge requirements
  • Two Rogaine Camps – how to use a compass and orienteering and Rogaine courses – come and break the records set
  • Communication Camp – with activities supporting the Communications Badge for Scouts
  • JOTA – includes fourteen activity bases and a night fair

For more information and booking contact or view the Gilwell Park Patrol Activity Camping page.

Clifford Park

A great program opportunity for your Pack or Patrols! (Cubs need to be accompanied by their local Leaders, but Scout Patrols can do it alone - with gear, food etc)

2022 Patrol Activity Camps

First Aid February 26-27
Canoeing, Abseiling, Crate Stacking March 19-20
First Aid April 2-3
Blacksmith, Welding, Mechanics May 21-22
First Aid June 18-19
Electronics/Communications July 23-24
Gourmet Camp Cooking August 20-21
Construction & Building Skills September 17-18
JOTA/JOTI October 15-16
Canoeing, Abseiling, Crate Stacking November 19-20

Mob Muster: The 2022 Joey Scout Activity Camps

Bush Rangers
May 28-29 
August 27-28
Pirates October 29-30

Cub Capers: The 2022 Cub Scout Activity Camps

Star Wars March 5-6
Medieval August 13-14
Pirates November 12-13

Participants limited to 36 Cub Scouts. Any number from Pack may participate but must be accompanied by a Leader at the ratio of one Leader per six Cubs - no charge.

All participants are accommodated in cabins which are carpeted, heated or fan cooled. All meals and activities are included in the cost.

For more information and booking contact

Treetops 2022

Tradies March 5-6
Electronics/Radio May 21-22
Tradies July 16-17
Science August 13-14
Bushcraft/Camp cooking September 17-18
Solar Scouts November 5-6

Treetops requires each Patrol to bring their own camping equipment, food, personal equipment and completed health forms.

For more information and bookings contact
Applications close two weeks prior to each camp

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