Rock climbing

Take in some amazing scenery, while testing your strength, agility and balance. Your success is literally in your own hands (and toes) as you select grips to climb up, down or across rock formations.

Rock climbing is physically and mentally demanding and it’s about to enjoy a new popularity thanks to the sport’s inclusion the 2020 Olympics.

You can practise your techniques and build your skills indoors, before taking on the challenges of nature. Or you can start in the great outdoors straight away. Whichever way you choose, it’s important to have the right equipment, the right training and the right people around to make it happen safely.

Top Rope Activities

There are many different ways to tackle a rock face. We mostly work with Top Rope Climbing, either the northern Grampians/Arapiles or Mt Macedon. It’s a similar method to climbing in gyms, but the view is much better when you get to the top.

In Top Roping climbs, the rope is always anchored above the climber. Any fall would only be a short distance, quickly stopped by the rope. It’s ideal for beginners because they can concentrate on technique and enjoy progress without too much fear of falling. Advanced climbers also turn to Top Roping when they want to develop new techniques or work on their endurance.

Top Rope Climbing is open for Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders. (Cubs linking to Scouts are also accepted.) Climbs are available for all experience levels, from the most nervous first timer to gifted climbers. It’s all about challenging the participants to gain new skills and to achieve more than they expected. 


Scouts can attain the Scout section’s Rock climbing proficiency badge by completing five climbs to the satisfaction of the climbing team.

With additional training, Venturers can include their climbing towards the Queen’s Scout Award Scheme.

Getting involved

Please contact the team at least 4 weeks before to the activity to discuss plans and expectations.

We limit the number of participants to 20 in each climbing group.

Climbers will usually pay $30-$40 per activity, depending on the location. Deposits are needed to confirm bookings. Full payment is required 4 weeks before the climbing activity.

Leadership for Climbing Activities

Rock-climbing activities must be conducted under the leadership of appropriately qualified and experienced activity personnel who are constantly reviewed against national (SRO) standards.

  1. Top Rope Climber Certificate (code CLM-591)
    • May assist with a top rope activity under supervisions of a Rock Climbing Activity Guide or Rock Climbing Activity Leader.
  1. Lead Rock Climber Certificate (code CLM-592)
    • May lead rock climbs unsupervised with other rock climbers holding a Lead Rock Climber or higher certificate and may assist on a Lead Climbing activity with the supervision of a Rock Climbing Activity Leader or Guide.
  1. Rock Climbing Activity Guide
    • May organise, instruct and lead climb on rock climbing activities under the BRCC guidelines
    • Must have completed a course in Cliff Rescue Technique (code CLM-593)
    • Must be an appointed Activity Guide
  1. Rock Climbing Activity Instructor
    • May organise, instruct and lead climb on rock climbing activities under the BRCC guidelines
    • Must be appointed a National Adventurous Activity Instructor in Lead Rock Climbing

NOTE: It is Branch policy that all activity leaders must hold a Level 2 First Aid certificate or higher

NOTE: Rock climbing qualifications issued by non-Scouting bodies or by other State Branches, must be approved in writing by the BRCC before being used within the Victorian Branch. If there is any doubt about a person's qualifications please ask the BRCCl.

Training Courses

The Branch Rock Climbing Council (BRCC) offers training for Rock Climbing Qualifications that will be accredited nationally. These usually run over 4 weekends and cost up to $600.

For further info contact:


State Leader – Rock climbing

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